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Today the usage of microfluidics for biology research is limited by two main factors. 1) The complex design process that one needs to undertake to design working devices 2) A fractured supply chain that makes it very expensive to manufacture these devices

Free Design Tools

In order to truly democratize these technologies we need to have open source tools. Tools like 3DμF can help make accerate the design flow along with ensuring that everyone has access to the tool for free.


DIY Manufacturing

In a world where there severe economic inequities, its important to be able to create a global supply chain that can reliably leverage DIY manufacturing processes like 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and CNC Milling.


Reusable and Reproducible

As with any research, the work we do needs to be deployable by anyone in the world for zero cost. We need to pool our resources as a community to make make this shift in the industry.

Interested in helping out ?

Whether you're an experienced microfludic design, software developer or a just a DIY enthusiast, we would love to have more people on board. We are currently assembling a team so shoot an email hello[at]